The Boy Who Finally Stood Up For Him

We all know books can change lives.

Wish you could give your child the inner confidence and belief in themselves?

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A Positive Story Really Can Change A Life

Embrace a story that speaks directly to them…

When a child goes through bullying or is isolated by their peers, as a parent it can feel like there is nothing you can do. You can’t be there by their side every waking moment, and even if you could it wouldn’t solve things. What you need instead is a new approach that: 

Promotes self-esteem and shows your child what they’re worth
Raises expectations about how they deserve to be treated by their classmates
Boosts inner confidence and allows them to take pride in who they are 
One story can change everything

The Boy Who Finally Stood Up For Him is a heartwarming read designed for children of all abilities with the aim of promoting a caring, positive message that will stay with them for life:

Follow Kevin as he confronts the bully who has made his life hell for so long 
Take Pride in the progress of your child by celebrating their newfound belief
Engage With Issues through a powerful new medium that isn’t afraid to be truthful
Show Them You Care with a gift that can change a life, one page at a time 

When you can see your child struggling it can break your heart.

When you give them what they need you can build them right back up again. 

Ready to Change A Life?

The Boy Who Finally Stood Up For Him is a comforting, engaging, and empowering story for children from all walks of life. 

Connect your child with Kevin’s world today and watch their own world change forever.